Top Ten Hush-Hush Hotel Perks

“Hotels usually aren’t shy about showcasing their perks. Whether its designer toiletries in the bathrooms, expansive outdoor pools, a luxurious spa and fitness center or a big name restaurant, chances are, hoteliers want you to know what extras are at your disposal.

But here’s a secret: many properties also have amenities that they don’t advertise. Why? Because these hush-hush hotel perks work wonders for garnering press, but can cost a fortune. As a result, hoteliers publicize these pricey (for the hotel that is) extras with care. Now, we’re blowing the cover on some of the best under-the-radar freebies.

From free car service to grocery shopping to decadent, made-to-order breakfasts, these are the bonuses you need to know about before you book your next hotel….”