Last Chance for U.S. Open Tickets

I live in the city, and with money being tight I have no time to take a real vacation this quarter. WRONG, Be American! Go out and enjoy the local destinations that are offered in our backyards. THIS WEEKEND is the U.S. Open PGA golf tournament. Sometimes hidden in an obscure location, this years open is just a 30 minute drive from New York City at the beautiful Bethpage State Park. The short distance from the city will let you exhale from the summer tourists that are flooding the streets of Manhattan. I not only encourage you to enjoy one of the county’s major sporting events, but stay awhile. Instead of trying to beat the traffic back into the city, grab a night at a boutique hotel and venture into the park. If the gorgeous protected wildlife doesn’t interest you, the shoreline at Jonas State Park is but a ten minute drive from the golf course. The fishing culture will reward you with good dining and cheap delicacies as the seasonal catch always creates a surplus. As we head towards a more conservative spending lifestyle, take advantage of the seasons that make New York one of the most diverse attractions in the country. Even as an outsider I encourage a quick trip to Long Island to enjoy the unique change of seasons that only happens in certain areas of the country. You can enjoy Vegas any time of year, but the colors and culture of New York’s coastline are only alive during this short window, don’t hesitate!