5 Unique Wedding Locations You’ll Love

The marriage season has arrived in full bloom us and lovebirds everywhere are planning their wedding event. Check out these 5 unique places to have a wedding and attend a summer season of wedded bliss in one of these exotic locales.

Botanical Gardens:

Imagine taking your vows against a lush exotic background with your dress flowing gently in the breeze and the soft, alluring aroma of wildflowers dancing to your movements. Botanical Gardens are a spiritual experience like none other and in the last decade have risen through the ranks as prime wedding destinations. The green movement has shown many that a spiritual experience is much better suited for a beautiful outdoor surrounding. With very little cost, renting a gazebo area at a garden can give you a private wedding that produces amazing photography and an atmosphere comfortable for everyone. If you don’t believe me, just check out the photos. Gardens are located all over the country and are already prepared for your wedding needs.

Taking the Ultimate Dive:

Tropical reefs are arguably one of the most stunning sites in the world. Why not get married under water? A ceremony on the beach is great, but it has been done and you end up getting sand in your dress. Plan your wedding around the honeymoon, dawn your best scuba attire and tie the knot amongst the tropical wildlife and profess your love to Poseidon and the Sea itself. Are family and friends wary of braving the great tropical blue but don’t want to miss a second of the action? Rent a glass bottom boat and let the dry loved ones enjoy your matrimony from the comfort of a cushion. You can even hire an underwater camera man to capture every moment on screen. Hook up a monitor on the glass bottom boat and allow your fellow sea goers to enjoy two views of your underwater bliss. For those looking for a truly unique experience this is at the top of the list. There are many beautiful destinations for your underwater matrimony such as the Caribbean, the South Pacific, the Great Barrier Reef, but if you can’t go that far try the Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Florida. This will bring great weather, stunning photos, and a fun honeymoon.

Italian Castles:

There isn’t a much more lavish, unique and romanatic wedding as one in an early thirteenth century castle. You may think that in order to get this type of Fairytale wedding destination one would have to set off to the Tuscan countryside or the Chauteu outside of Paris. On the contrary, Italy is home to St. Pattie’s cathedral a real castle on the Italian coast with amazing spreads of food and local flowers for the wedding garments.

Instead of having your wedding in an expensive church, consider having your wedding remembered as the highest form of art. Italy has more restored castles than any other country in Europe. Over centuries old, every castle blows away any baroque cathedral you can find in the western world. Above all, when you leave your ceremony, instead of being back in a familiar U.S. city, you’ll be spending your honeymoon, down the road in a small Tuscany village.

There are plenty of large wedding planners that have brochures of these castles at your disposal. But if you are one of the many pro-active planners, I’ve found a site that offers all the castle wedding sites in Italy and honeymoon services/packages. Italian Weddings offers a map of all the sites, beautiful photography and all the requirements necessary to make your dream wedding take place in a real castle.

Skydiving into Matrimony:

Skydiving has become much more traditional for wedding in recent years (we say that in jest). With so many available instructors and businesses around the country, having your vows read in an airplane before plunging through the skies is not so crazy. For the young but not excluding anniversary couples, celebrating your bond while flying through a blue sky is something no one can take away from you. There are other ways to kiss and fly, such as hot-air balloon weddings and bungee jumping. Although these are also exiting I feel a sky dive really gives you and your spouse a genuine moment of silence together to soak in the vows you have just taken. Some priests will be happy to go up with you, but many couples wait till they land to finish the ceremonies.

There are skydiving clinics and marriage programs everywhere in the U.S. but I found one that might suit your entire wedding weekend. Although Las Vegas may not be your cup of tea, since the ceremony of flying only lasts a few minutes, you may want a city to parade in after you’ve landed. Vegas Extreme is a group that does a very dedicated and tasteful direction towards your sky diving wedding. They give you a DVD, can plan for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to dive as well and a professional wedding photographer (who sky dives as well).

Weddings on Waves:

Dream vacations to Tahiti may not be in every family’s budget this quarter; consequently some vintage approaches to the wedding celebration have come to light. Taking the classic approach of getting married or renewing wedding vows on a cruise ship has also become a little to pricey for some couples. All of these factors have spurred a new rave in marriage celebrations; the freighter cruise.

Before the first luxury cruise ships started their careers, such as the Queen Mary, the only intercontinental ships at sea were freighters and explorers. Crossing one of the great oceans before the advent of jet airplanes was still a long journey. Many famous writers, artists and celebrities such as Mark Twain would use these long adventures on the ocean to find themselves spiritually. Now young and old couples alike are both testing the waters by taking freight cruises around the world. These journeys have an informal mood with everyone you meet having an interesting story.

This may seem like a muggy idea, but the Maris Cruise Line is a very sophisticated company that gives an opportunity for travelers to take a less mainstream journey across all the exotic oceans in the world. It’s a peaceful journey with no screaming kids or obnoxious tourists. Book you wedding at their website http://www.freightercruises.com/. Of all the innovative ceremonial ideas, this is by far the least exotic, but for some it may be the perfect retreat from the helter skelter of the wedding season.