Stargazing: Santa Monica Airport and Sushi

Since most of you didn’t make it all the way to Kenya, I decided to go ahead and bring the celebrities to you. This week’s celebrity stalking…I mean sighting destination is…Santa Monica Airport. Wait! Before you open up a new tab, hear me out. Santa Monica, located in West L.A. is a great place to spot celebrities. Celebrities like, Lindsay Lohan, John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Giselle love to fly out of Santa Monica Airport because it’s smaller than LAX international in a neighborhood that isn’t very suspicious and is easy to access. You can look down on the private jets from the hill or merely just park your car, not that I’ve ever done that…But honestly there are other attractions around the airport that make it a fun couple nights out if you want to do some star gazing and spend a weekend in L.A.

When arriving in Los Angeles be sure to pick up an L.A. Weekly. This newspaper highlights may of the events in L.A. including music venues, art expos, movies, photo galleries, you name it. In this just look up “West L.A.” for the part of town you will most likely be staying in. L.A. is a great place to visit, not so much to live, which makes it the perfect staycation.

Once you’ve found a place to stay ask around or get a map and you’ll be able to find the Santa Monica Airport. There are some traveling tips that I brush over because you’ve got the benefit of the doubt, I mean, you ARE a travel guru if you are reading this. There are plenty of places to eat around the area, but go to The Hump on the top floor of the main airport building. It is an amazing sushi joint and you’ll most likely see a celebrity while you eat there. After your meal, head across the street, which is Airport Avenue and look for some hangers. These hangers will look small and old, because they have been turned into art galleries. On every night of the week there is usually an exhibition or opening, and they are usually free. Star Gazing, art gallery, and good sushi, do I ever let you down?

This may become repetitive after a night or two, so take in some local favorites in West L.A. that just might tickle your fancy. Venice beach is a local attraction with great street food, street performers and lots of African culture. There are over 50 market stands spanning from jewelry, art and all sorts of apparel. The drum circle is on Sunday nights, so if you like ethnic music and empanadas be sure not to miss it. If you are looking for some higher end shopping with the Venice vibe head over to The 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica. Located three blocks from the beach, the promenade is filled with street performers and the most inviting outdoor mall in the U.S. I especially encourage you to check out the flamenco guitarists that performs nightly. Around the corner on 2nd street are many of the hottest clubs in Santa Monica, and one block further is a beautiful cliff park overlooking the sunset. Anyone who says you can’t stay on the beach during your entire visit in L.A. is wrong. Hope it goes well. Safe travels until next week’s celebrity rundown. Ciao’