Free Weekends at over 100 National Parks

The tough times keep getting better. According to the latest report by the International Air Traffic Association international air traffic is down 9.3% from last year. The recession has scared travelers away from the airports and their passports and encouraged weekend trips and staycations. While U.S. cities may not be particularly exiting to most Americans, the National Park scene is hitting its stride. This upcoming weekend on August 15-16, over 100 U.S. National Parks will be offering free admission. Although industrialization has taken over the land, there is still vast amounts of country and our National Parks are still hailed as some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Zion Canyon, Utah

This stimulus plan will actually put money back into the country by way of federal land revenue. The government offered three free weekends this summer; the one closing upon us being the last of the three. There are also free tours and discounts for lodging and hotels within park land. Because of this, vacationing to National Parks has risen %6 percent in 2009. With over 300 monuments, parks and recreational areas in the country, we’ve compiled a list of the best National Parks to visit based on the experience, crowds, and accessibility.

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
Yosemite National Park, California
Denali National Park, Alaska
Zion National Park, Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Acadia National Park, Maine
Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tenn-N.C.
The National Mall, Washington D.C.

For more specific information on the national parks, visit the parks and services website. Also for a direct link to the list of 100 parks that are offering free admission click here.