7 Essential Accessories for the iPhone 3GS

Enjoying the comforts of home when you hit the road is a whole lot easier when you’re packing an iPod 3GS. Equipped with the best music player in the world, easy e-mail, constant connectivity, and spiffy good looks make it a great travel companion. To do justice to this power-hungry, easily scratched, way-too-delicate, yet versatile iPhone 3GS, you’ll need only the best road-tested accessories.

I’ve been toting an iPhone since its inception, constantly challenging it on the road, and refining its accessory kit as the choices have grown way beyond the manageable level. Two years later, I’ve narrowed it down to seven essentials that I’ve personally put through the crucible of various aircraft and their associated airports, multi-thousand-mile road trips, cross-country train travel, and even a boat or two. Here’s the hard-won, battle-hardened list.

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