The World’s 18 Most Unique Buildings

Today more land is harder to find, cheap domestic labor is sparse, and art has been depreciated due to the cost-efficient world we live in. Because of this, tourists and people who travel often visit preserved historical sites to find exquisite architecture. Even as architechts press to have their most unique projects come to life, the labor of love seems to be lost and new buildings very rarely find time for taste.

Habitat 67 in Montreal Holds 354 Cubical Apartments for Rent

Although this is the trend the modern world follows, there are still people of dissent. The long rows of cookie cutter homes and pragmatic thinking still give a unique idea the chance to blossom. There were many to choose from, including the famous hotel in Dubai and stunning buildings in Las Vegas, but this list comprises something more unique. Unlike billion dollar real estate investments, popular mechanics has made a list of the 18 most interesting buildings in the world. These are not huge 9 digit projects, but instead small pieces of art. They are able to make money by charging a little more than the usual property value as their architecture lures tenants from around the world.

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