Megabus Offers $1 Bus Fare

The stimulus strategy is once again rewarding domestic travelers. Megabus is offering 50,000 $1 seats in efforts to boost sales. Megabus is the first no-frills bussing company. Started in 2003 by the Stagecoach group, the budget bus line was opened in the UK first, followed by a North American line in 2006. This is not the first instance of low-cost carriers in the travel world. Low-cost airline carriers boomed in the nineties with airlines such as RyanAir, SouthWest Airlines and EasyJet. These airlines started the no frills travel trend offering flights for under $50 dollars.

Although Megabus is pitched as a “no frills” carrier, there are basic amenities that are quite generous. The buses only allow one large carry on to be stowed underneath, but the double decker busses are roomy, and provide free wi-fi on all routes. The only downside of Megabus and their offer is ironically the recession. The recession that has led to this unbelievable offer has also wiped out all of the Megabus lines that ran through Los Angeles, Pheonix and any remaining west coast hubs that were being scheduled in the previous years.

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