Aqua Hotels and Resorts “99 Days of Summer”

Aqua hotels and resorts just kicked off the “99 Days of summer” promotion event. These deals will last, you guessed it, 99 days. With summer on its way, the crunch to get good deals on hot resort destinations won’t last long. If you’re traveling to Hawaii this is these are the best deals on the market. There are 12 Aqua hotels in Waikiki, all of which are under $100 dollars a night. Since Hawaii is a tourist destination I advice booking in advance for the opportunity to save the most cash. This promotion only lasts until September 7th of this year, so act quick.

Aqua hotels have created two lines of service to accommodate all types of peoples. There is a boutique line and a “LITE” line. The LITE line provides free Wi-Fi high speed Internet and complimentary daily paper. Aqua Waikiki beachside and Park Shore Waikiki locations have great views right on the beach, which is very unusual for budget resorts. There are many little quarks and benefits of the LITE hotel at each location; for example, the Aqua Continental location is dog friendly. Here are some of the starting rates for the LITE line.

Aqua Continental -$59

Aqua Island Colony – $69

Aqua Waikiki Beachside – $79

Park Shore Waikiki – $89

The Boutique Line of hotels from Aqua also has availabilities under $100 dollars. These locations although cheap, have many more services than the LITE line. There are flat screens, free access to fitness facilities and all the lavish room service need that the more expensive hotel lines pride themselves on. For more information on Waikiki Aqua Boutiques go to Safe Travels.