Keeping up with the…Kenyans?

Keeping up with celebrities is a hard undertaking, but with our help here at Hotel Reservations, you can benefit from our street team and trump all the efforts Brangelina made to avoid you. We are here to keep you one step ahead of the stars. The latest craze in celebrity travel getaways is Africa. Our Hollywood friends thought the local tribe people wouldn’t have the means to inform us of their whereabouts, but they were wrong… With recent sightings from Oprah to Tiger Woods, Diani Beach in Kenya has become the latest attraction for actors and entertainers who are trying to escape the cameras. The best part of an African espionage excursion is that most of the terrain aside from the resorts remains untouched. This means just by laying out on the beach you can get fairly close to the celebrities staying at the very ritzy Alfajiri Villas. Luxury accommodations are becoming more and more common in Africa, but the Villas at Alfajiri are still the paramount destination resort. As our team continues to sneak around the bushes of gaudy resorts, tune in to our twitter account to see the latest hotels the stars are trying to hideout in.