Top 10 Topless Beaches in the World

8. South Beach, Miami, Florida

Known for having the hottest nightlife in the United States, Miami is home to the best topless beaches in America.  South beach has white sand, clear water, celebrities, models and perfectly tanned bodies.  Go clubbing, eat good food, and embrace the cabana culture.  Don’t spend too much but look into the new Shore Club Hotel.  Here it is totally acceptable to wear heels in your bikini while you stroll through the lobby.

9. Santorini, Greece

As we’ve gone down the list, the sites have taken on a little more of a part atmosphere.  Some like to just lie on the beach all day but if you want the nightlife and club vibes of the Mediterranean, go to Greece.  The free spirit of the people and towns will rub off on you.  Most clubs stay open all night until sunrise.  From there many of the people tend to go strait to the beach to sleep off the previous nights excess.

10. St. Martin/St.Maarten, West Indies

Since these were once French and Dutch colonies, the nudity factor is very liberal.  Most beaches are topless except for the few tourist oriented beaches.  Be careful the sun will burn you here, but if you don’t like the crowds, don’t hesitate, this is the hidden gem of all the beaches.