Bangkok Rattanakosin Island

In 1782 King Rama I,  took great care to build palaces and temples of the new capital on Rattanakosin Island in the same style of the previous capital, Ayuthaya, which had its origin from Sukhothai, the first Thai capital in the 13th century.

Rattanakosin Island, the land mark of Bangkok’s Golden Yesteryears . Metropolis, which covered only 4.14 square kilometres at that time, surrounded by the Chao Phraya River, Bang Lamphu Canal and Ong Ang Canal as a natural defense from the enemy. 

In Rattanakosin Island, there are numerous historically significant structures like palaces, temples, private shops, bridges and shrines. Some of these significant structures have already been registered as national heritage while some are in the waiting list. The entire Island has also been declared “conservation area” with some protective measures attempting to safeguard the whole environment of the townscape from the government.