Bangkok Erawan Shrine

The Erawan Shrine is located at the corner of Ratchadamri and Phloen Chit. Countless Thais and Other Asian tourists who seek good luck visit this very popular shrine as it is reputed to have power of granting wishes.

Many come to pay homage by offering flowers garlands and pray to the four-headed image of Hindese God Brahma to grant wishes. To reinforce the wish or express the appreciation to the God, they will donate wooden elephants or hire a group of Thai classical dancers to perform the dance with live music. The number of dancers and the lenght of the performance are directly tied to the generosity of their donation. All around plunes of incense smoke rise so thickly that they overcome the traffic fumes at this busy intersection.

For self-visits to this attraction in the heart of Bangkok, we recommend renting a motorcycle or car here –